Indonesia – China Art Association has been registered in Indonesian government, and was officially established in Jakarta in 2013 by Yince Djuwidja and become community of professional artists. The association got the name “Indonesia – China Art Association” written by President of “Xiling Yinshe” Rao ZongYi a “Master of Chinese Studies”, “Chinese University of Hong Kong”, “Honorary Professor of Nanjing University” and other universities.

The purpose of the association: Continuing the promotion of Chinese painting, strengthening cultural exchanges and communication between countries, promoting the development of international culture and arts, uniting domestic and foreign communities, promoting Chinese artistic treasures, Promote the diversity and developing multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. Building relationships with artistic researchers, cultural exchanges, building a different exhibition, and a vibrant community.

To support associations, expand the scale of associations, invite professional artists, and strengthen cultural research and exchange in the arts. The association is an open community, also invites people who excel in the world of art to serve as members of the association. Members consist of the Chinese Artists Association who has lived abroad for a long time, artists from various provinces and cities, as well as Chinese artists’ associations from other countries. Enthusiastic about literary research, developing the world of art, and also being an influence in the world of literature and art, members who have a great influence in the association can apply for association management. Actively participating in outside activities, building international relations, for the expansion and development of Chinese art, as well as contributing to world cultural peace.