With global cultures evolving at an unprecedented speed, we strive to spearhead and promote cultural exchange through the establishment of the Indonesian-China Art Association (ICAA). The ICAA is an institution with a mission to establish an Art Center in Jakarta to disseminate the work of artists though exhibitions, auctions and other activities.

Currently, we’re trying to develop relationships with contemporary artists who possess great potential. In order to achieve this, we have invited various art experts and critics to become part of our curatorial team. This team tries to observe the strengths of fine arts, understand their values and aid in the refinement of relevant techniques. The purpose behind it is to solidify the merits of the discipline and help them achieve widespread recognition.

Through the support of the Indonesian National Museum and the Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in The Republic of Indonesia, ICAA will hold its first International Art Exhibition at the Indonesian National Museum in Jakarta. We’ve been lucky to receive the support of both the local and international artists during the selection process. We have managed to gather 100 artworks by over 30 artists from China, Taiwan, the United States of America, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to share with our fellow art lovers.

In the “Tale of Water” exhibition, you’ll find distinct Chinese-inspired watercolor paintings as seen through the eyes of various international artists. We’re juxtaposing these with oil paintings by some of Indonesia’s renowned artists for contrast. Through this exhibition, we hope to cultivate an exchange of ideas as well as highlight the strengths of these distinguished artists.

We’d like to thank all the participating artists and extend our gratitude to our colleagues and teachers who have helped us along the way. This exhibition is just the beginning. We believe that through collaboration between the ICAA and other communities, our work will continue to grow and inspire.