Upcoming Class: April 8- May 6 ,2017 - China Calligraphy dan China ink Painting

Prof. Li Hong Zhen from Taiwan

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Why we should know about Zheng Lu, the most prominent Chinese artist

Born in Chi Feng, Inner Mongolia, in 1978, he graduated from the Sculpture Department of Central Academy in Beijing. His artworks often dominated with giants sculptures in which he crafts cascades and splashes of water out of chainmail, that leads us to the admiration for his difficult and ambitious works.

His latest series, in which will be displayed in Art Space – ICAA, was his brainchild during his Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture in the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He have been deeply interested in Chinese calligraphy and transcribing poetry since his teenage years. These two combinations that inspired him to repeatedly expressed to his creations.

Zheng Lu uses language as a sculptural element. His works translate to the viewer the balance and contradiction inherent in human nature. Taoist inspirations and Buddhist wisdoms about the self, nature and spirituality, deeply flowing along his artworks waiting for the public to find and feel. One of his artwork can be enjoyed in Art Space – ICAA, throughout 3rd hallway to the 1st hallway

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